December 6, 2020

Is he Correct, Lying or a Just a Fool?

Joe says what?

Thanks to Breitbart news.

Well, it seems we have 3 options to consider.

Option 1.
Is Joe correct and it’s “The Russians” again?
We would want to look very closely at the facts of the case, as well as the past reputations of all involved. So let’s come back to that in a bit.

Option 2.
He’s been told the story “it’s those pesky Russians again”. And he really believes it?
But if that is actually true (family did bad things), and he is just that easily fooled now (can’t tell truth from fiction).
Then there’s a big problem with that option.

Do we really want a president who is so easily fooled?

Especially about foreign intelligence matters, and he can’t tell which way is up?
Besides, if it actually is true (family is/was crooked?), and he can’t tell what’s going on right now?.

That’s still a problem because if it is true. It would still mean:

“The Family” was/is crooked? Very bad.

Option 3.
Is he lying?

And knows it.
That’s a very bad thing.

Think about it.


So we must look at the facts.
And weigh the reputations of all concerned.
Especially the known liers.
History shows us that:

Some people have no problem lying, using rhetoric, finger pointing, blaming others for what they’ve done themselves and spewing political nonsense, just to gain and keep power at all costs.

Who do you believe?

A 1 minute example of who knows how to smear:


You Decide.

Top Photo Credit: Roberto Nickson