October 26, 2020

Open Secret to Replace Biden with Michelle Obama?

It’s well known that Barrack Obama has been running a “Shadow Government” since leaving The White House.

Continuing foreign diplomacy and community action “Ground Games” in the US.

And since Michelle is not able to stand the heat of close scrutiny as a real candidate, the plan to demoralize the democrat voter base with “Sleepy Joe”, would allow the last minute switch-a-roo after the pre-planned chaos and emergencies require a new presidential savior for the deep state and democrats final attempt to sling-shot Obama back into 8 more years of power in The Oval Office.

So the evil plan unfolds.

The stuff of sci-fi action movie scripts, or just more desperate attempts by bad people, revealed right in front of our eyes in the daily news.

Guess we’ll see.

You decide.

Photo credit: Kristina Flour

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