October 26, 2020

“The Good Guys” Are Helping Us In Secret?

And Yes, good women too !!
Behind the scenes good people, good Americans of all races and backgrounds united in fighting evil.
Cleaning up the fake news, crooked politicians, corporate and social players that want to hurt our country.
“Draining the swamp”.
Believe what you want, but my money is on “the good people”.
The WU FLU is pretty much over !!

We already have cures and treatments.

We don’t want or need an unsafe vaccine.

They are doubling down.
It was over hyped for political purposes and to spread fear.
And to make money.
And to control us.
And to spread an agenda that involves “Cheat by Mail” voting.
Well that isn’t going to happen.

It’s political.

It’s BS
The masks are for social control and to keep people scared.
The death totals are phoney, and we will find out soon enough that some have just been flat out lying.
Almost half of the deaths are from nursing homes.
And the governors and those responsible for sending people to die are being investigated.
Civil and criminal, is what “the word is”.
So be strong.
Be courageous.
Be free.
Good people are in place and taking action to preserve our country.
And to protect you and our families.
You decide.

Photo Credit: Omar Lopez

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