October 26, 2020

Covid Infected Patients Being Flown Into Your Area – For Money and Politics?

Just hearing that hundreds of infected patients may be coming from pandemic hard hit areas of Mexico, and then being flown by helicopters at public expense into our communities. Maybe thousands.
Duric a pandemic?, while healthy people are being told to stay home and wear ineffective face diaper masks, more for social control purposes?

Only front line medical responders and those actually sick should wear properly fitted special masks?

Corona virus is much much smaller than a speck of dust. Masks that are not professionally and specially fitted, are probably worse than nothing, as the CO2 buildup can be harmful? And the virus can just pass right through?

In the dead of night?
And yes, you get to pay for it.
Keep you scared?
Keep you broke?
So each helicopter flight costing about the the price of a nice car.
Greedy people are exploiting the taxpayers again?
Hospital administrators?
Expensive, unnecesary helicopter companies?

Corrupt political hacks?
Pharmaceutical companies and medical people, that are supposed to be in charge and helping us?

I believe in compassion. Send help to those in need where they are.

You don’t move the infected around during an ongoing pandemic for political and financial gain.

And these are One-Way Trips into our areas.
Being investigated for confirmation.
Here is a quick breaking video exposing this dangerous scam.

Unrelated to This Story Illustrative Photos of Very Expensive Helicopters:

courtesy of  Colton Kresser

and Patrick Hendry

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