September 25, 2020

Not Playin’ Their Game

Better than “Fake News”

Maybe it’s about time to say no to their stupid games.

Morons and idiots don’t get to reshape our society because a small handful of bad apples want to play psych warfare trying to ruin our lives.

We will get to the whole truth of what really happened with those arrested police officers and Mr. Floyd.
And we will not allow our world to be upended by organized thugs and power seeking crooks.

Justice is coming, and we can throw the political hacks responsible out of office if we refuse to be fooled by those bent on overthrowing our country. We don’t need a new system, we need to remove the corrupt few who are causing all the trouble.

And we have some really dedicated good folks working behind the scenes to protect our country.
Help if you can, or get out of the way and let them do their jobs.

Most of us are well meaning and just want to live free, enjoy life and be a part of a better world.

Doing our part, working hard and raising our families in peace.
Don’t Play Their Game. Let’s stop rewarding the Liars and Fake News Companies.
Most of their narrow news isn’t worth our time, and doesn’t come close to giving us an accurate picture of reality.
We would be better off ignoring them and watching happy people dancing to good music.

Sure it’s ok to take an occasional quick look at the local news conditions to stay safe and updated, but not hours and hours of repeating footage.

And be aware and cautious of those who are calling for radical change. That’s what this is all about. The upcoming election and getting us to believe and “buy what they are selling”.

Let’s say no to their BS, and go live our lives together in harmony.
I’ve selected 2 links for today’s news summary.
An interesting research and “take” on things by George Webb.
And happy people dancing with music to just “chill out” a bit.
Have fun, in spite of the bad actors, and they will collapse for lack of attention if we don’t play their game.
Good people are working on this.

George Webb
Investigative Journalist

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