September 25, 2020

A+ for Laura Ingraham, Saving Lives, Bless Her Heart – Busting Fake News CNN gets another Big Fat F

Thank God for some of “The Good Ones” in the news media like Laura Ingraham. We may never know how many lives were saved by getting the word out to those on the front lines that Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc probably delivers a knockout punch to the current pandemic virus. Azithromycin seems to help mop up the associated bacterial complications.

This is amazing news, yet some are “out there” doing everything possible to prevent the possible cure, for an assortment of reasons.

Some preferring political gain against President Trump and moving their agendas forward, even if innocent people suffer in the process.

Others seem to have darker agendas which may be even more sinister, if that is possible. With profit, greed and personal gain as their primary interests. Pushing extremely expensive, less effective, and possibly downright dangerous pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Shame on the liars and news clowns that have lost all credibility.

Look to those with good reputations for telling the truth.

Do your own research.

Then make up your own mind.

God bless Laura, and “The Good Ones”.

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