What’s Wrong with some of the Senators?

Why would the senator say something so stupid and unfair?

Basically claiming that a mere accusation is sufficient grounds for removal from the US Senate.

No proof.

No trial.

Just his “opinion”, that’s it.

End of discussion.

Maybe it’s time for a clean sweep of these political fools.

If someone falsely accuses him of something, will he “have himself removed”?

Maybe we should apply the same low standard of “removal from office” to all of the House and Senate members.

The political insiders seem furious that “the people” would dare to believe that “the people” are in charge.

If “the people” of the state of Alabama elect Judge Moore, then he needs to be seated in the Senate.

Any silly shenanigans will surely have reverberations across the country.

Some of the “DC swamp dwellers” are Democrats, some are Republicans.

What they have in common is protecting their own status quo system.

The “swamp dwellers” all need to be replaced at the ballot box.

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