The Protesters that “Cried Wolf”

Some of the protesters in the Ferguson case are stealing the rights of future protesters.

Including you, and your rights.

This case seems very contrived and managed by those who have motives that are somewhat difficult to understand at first glance.

But the effects of what they are doing, is to make the country weary with protests and those who say they have grievances.

They are abusing the right to protest in order to destroy it.

Someday, the events and grievances might be real.

But few will be willing to listen because of the damage done to the national psyche.

The right to address wrongs, whether committed by some in government, other citizens, or corporate interests, when fascism takes hold, is a very important and precious option for the people.

Be vigilant and aware of any erosion of your rights.

The events of this Ferguson case, is having the sad effect of diminishing public concern and support for any future and genuine redresses.

Annoying the people, officers, and humiliating the New York Police Commissioner doesn’t help anyone’s cause.

Unless your cause is to turn everyone off on protesters.

Maybe this is a part of the plan, and what we are witnessing.

Commentary by Ron Kelly Editor