“Stupid Rights” Movement continues – commentary

As many “Civil Rights” wannabees gather in protest, seemingly wishing they could be a part of the Martin Luther King days.

Any attempt to find the facts and seek true justice in the Ferguson case was quickly lost on day one. When those with their own agendas and a twisted sense of political correctness descended and began spreading confusion and rhetoric.

Even the family of Michael Brown, who lost a loved one, and deserve our sympathy and compassion in a time of loss, have contributed in part, by inviting the likes of an ostensible charlatan to throw gasoline on the fire. Fueling division and inciting anger into the situation, set to hit the stage delivering a eulogy for the record books.

And all of this before most of the facts are know. Many racing to conclusions and proclaiming the ridiculous as though it was gospel.

It looks more like, the the 6 foot 4 “Gentle Giant” and his hoodlum friend were on a bit of a crime spree, with a string of felonies that ended in Michael’s death.

Apparently high as a kite on Marijuana, possibly more, robbing, assaulting, and confronting an armed police officer, who the facts may show was defending himself against the aggressor.

Yet, there are many who prefer the narrative that an innocent young teenager was simply walking on his way, and was executed for no reason other than being black.

I find that very hard to believe.

Ron Kelly – Editor

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