School Marshals to Protect Our Kids

Maybe it’s time for Congress to repeal all the anti-gun laws.

Armed Marshals like the Protection of Texas Children Law (2013).

…Superintendent Stephens praised the creation of “school marshals,” saying,

“Administrators and teachers are going to be the first ones who arrive,

so do you want them to arrive with a pencil or a pistol?

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And some may argue, but communist governments alone seem to have killed more of their disarmed citizens, than all of those killed in wars combined.

Around 200,000,000 (two-hundred million) dis-armed people killed in just the last century by their governments.

And more… And just in case your “trusted” news media source failed to mention all the facts:

It was a Good Guy with an AR-15 that saved all of those people in the recent church attack.


And finally:

Is there a single parent who wouldn’t have wished they had a gun to protect their children in Florida?