Outrage for 17 Kids in Florida, Yet 170+ Kids Killed Daily by Toxic Vaccines, Silence

“Profits over safety” the Big Pharma mantra. Spend millions to silence opposition. Lie, cheat and steal if you have to, just don’t let people learn how dangerous the “toxic vaccines” really are. Someday the executives, crooked politicians, ignorant doctors and nurses, as well as others we “trust with our children” will weep when they realize what they’ve done. Maybe they had to make that boat payment, buy that new car they’ve always wanted, get the big fancy house, or move up the ladder in their “professions”.

Do No Harm” is the first rule of doctors when they take their oaths. Not “Look The Other Way” !!

SIDS was created to explain away the rash of deaths that they don’t want to attribute to toxic vaccines.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Should be called (Sudden Immunization Death Syndrome)

A recent court case decided SIDS WAS CASED BY TOXIC VACCINES.

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10 times as many children killed daily = Silence. (They have loving families too).

The actual daily death toll is probably very much higher.

And the number of life destroying side effects and ruined lives is almost countless.

Needless brain damage, neurological damage, paralysis, retardation, as well as a wide spectrum of autism disorders.

But the profits are so tempting, and the damaged kids become “customers for life” needing more and more  pharmaceutical to deal with the conditions they caused. A very profitable marketing strategy, it’s just cruel.

Adults too !! Just call it Gulf War Syndrome or Lyme disease, but never admit “it’s The Toxic Vaccines“.

You can buy stock and shut up, or speak out for truth about the toxic vaccine scam.


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Public Largely Unaware of the Vaccine Court: Most Cases Never Litigated

Remove the dangerous toxic adjuvants  that are included to increase profits.

Admit that Aluminum and Mercury as additives are serious Neuro-toxins, as well as Squalene which is terrible.

Do real double blind studies on the remainder vaccine content.

Stop with the false propaganda.

Tell the truth.