Mueller’s Joke Indictment

The recent attempt to justify the farce and “Phony Russian Collusion Narrative” is a complete joke.

As the Facebook Vice-President has stated, Most of the Russian Ads were place AFTER The Election.

And even the FBI and DOJ have had to agree there is no collusion by the Trump campaign.

If anything, there is evidence of possible illegal actions by the Democrats. And crimes by the bad apples in the FBI and DOJ.

And the Internet Trolls live in Russia, probably have no desire to come to the United States to be tried in our courts.

And would be allowed to seek “Discovery” from our government agencies in their defense.

The cases would be dropped like hot rocks.

And don’t be too surprised if it comes out that the “Russian Troll Bot Squad” has ties to the same “Hoax Team” exposed in “The Unclassified Memo”.

The Donald Jr. was set-up by them, so it might be another part of their “insurance scam“.