Israel’s Double Standard – Commentary

Israel seems to be using a double standard of  “what justifies an offensive attack, as defense”.
Many would agree that all countries may defend themselves from foriegn aircraft incursions into their soveriegn air space.

So when a drone (unarmed & unmanned) reportedly crossed into Israeli air space for a minute and a half on Saturday, the drone was quickly shot down. All would seem fair.

Even though we still have not confirmed why, or who was actually in control of the drone at the time of the incursion.

However using this seemingly convenient provocation to then quickly launch the 1st sortie of 8 armed F-16 fighter jets to attack and destroy a base inside of Syria’s sovereign airspace, this is being declared as “defensive” by Israel.

And how dare Syria defend it’s sovereign airspace by targeting the hostile squadron of 8 fighter jets that were just “defensively attacking Syria”.

And when one of those eight F-16s crashed in northern Israel after the 2 pilots ejected (because they were targeted),

Israel then rapidly launched 12 additional massive air strikes of fighter jets to destroy 12 separate targets within Syria, killing at least 6 people.

All in the name of “defense”.

Israel reports it only wants peace, while taking out half of Syria’s air defenses in the massive attacks.

And apparently Syria has no right to defend itself.

As Iran and Russia have been invited into Syria to assist with the fight against ISIS terrorists, the drone was possibly being used for a photo reconnaissance assistance mission that morning on an ISIS stronghold withing Syrian territory.

It is also unconfirmed whether any electronic warfare methods were used to take over the drone’s navigational control system, or if the drone was deliberately pulled from it’s re-con mission to travel over into Israel for some unknown reason.

Many mainstream news “friendly operatives” have already rallied in the last 24 hours to write stories in support of Israel’s actions, with blurred facts and missing details of the events.

I’m not taking sides, just reporting my perspective.

It just seems like a double standard.