DNC Not Hacked by Russians, It Was Seth Rich

A witness declares Seth Rich took the data from the DNC, and Mueller has repeatedly ignored this testimony because it doesn’t fit the desired “democrat narrative”.

According to Kim Dotcom (Internet entrepreneur). His attorneys have tried to provide evidence to Mueller several times. Mueller is not interested. Outside independent forensic experts have also concluded the data was transferred at speeds of 22MBs per second which indicates “a memory stick” was used by someone both physically present, and with physical access to the DNC computer. Not probable from a remote location. The FBI never investigated the DNC’s computers, because the DNC refused access to the FBI. The DNC’s own private computer service simply stated “it was the Russians” with no proof. Democrats quickly began spreading this politically convenient narrative, and the compliant and biased media repeated it over and over, even though evidence could prove it was completely false.

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