Cry Baby Youtube, Biggest Bully in the Sandbox

What a bunch of sorry winy cry babies controlling the Youtube Sandbox.

Officially unable to handle any words they don’t like or agree with, the corporation has effectively picked up their toys and gone home, by simply banning and removing anyone they don’t like on the video platform.

Poof, disappeared.

Surely this will stop all the opposing viewpoints and anyone daring to challenge the god given narrative put forth by the small group that owns almost the entire US Media.

Of course this will silence for ever all dissent once and for all.

Well, maybe not.

Since new platforms are quickly being created which invite freedom of speech and un-censored news.

And since when do those trampled by power simply cave in and go away quietly? (except in communist China). The tech giant has aroused quite a bit of attention now, including regulators who see possible ant-trust issues.

And boycotts of youtube, facebook, twitter and google advertisers who profit by playing this dirty game.


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