Breaking: Israel Claims F-16 Crashed During Air Strike into Syria, Blames Iran

Early reports of a downed Israeli F-16 fighter jet apparently crashed shortly after an incursion into Syrian territory as retaliation for a drone that was shot down in Israeli airspace earlier.

As the “launch base of operations” believed responsible for the original drone from Syria was attacked by Israel,

the “pilot-less F-16 crashed”, possibly after being targeted by ground-to-air missile batteries.

The plane returned to northern Israel after the 2 pilots ejected.

Both pilots have been hospitalized, 1 is in serious condition.

Israel blames Iran for the support of the Syrian drone incident, and the resulting F-16 lost during the defensive/offensive retaliatory strike into Syria.

Israel has now launched an additional 12 strikes into Syria this morning, as retaliation for the lost F-16.

Russia is calling for calm, in order to avoid an escalation.

Iran denies responsibility for the original drone incident, stating they only provide military advice to Syria.

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