Beware of Rushing into New Mental Health Laws


The old Soviet Union tried using “Mental Health’ as the excuse to imprison (hospitalize) countless people.

Ending in dismal failure and the collapse of their country.

Read the “Gulag Archipelago” for just one scary glimpse into a world where a “select few” who don’t like you, or what you say, have the power to simply “take you away”.

Whatever side of the political spectrum or “side of the isle” you may be on.

Do you think your opposition would hesitate for a minute if given the power to decide your “mental state” and restrict your rights, or force you into hospitalization for “treatments” and “re-education”?

The left would love to restrict anyone with a “mental history”. If they have their way, it won’t be long until the majority of the country will fall under that epithet (bad term).

A recent attempt was to restrict firearms from anyone deemed incompetent simply because they opted for automatic deposit of their government benefit checks.

Practically ALL of the atrocities in history that used “mental health” as the excuse, were overseen by so called “medical professionals”, “experts” and “psychiatric specialists”.

Do you really think they are special, and immune from corruption, greed and political bias?

How culpable are the doctors that prescribed the “black box warning” psychiatric drugs to almost ALL of the mass killers in recent history?

Proceed with caution and wisdom before rushing to a “cure worse than the disease”.

Secure schools, armed properly trained teachers might be a better start.